Whipped Dreams Cream Lash Remover - The Lash Plug London

Whipped Dreams Cream Lash Remover

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The Lash Plug London


Removes eye lash extensions within minutes
No fumes
Shelf Life (Unopened) - 12 Months
Shelf Life (Opened) - 6 Months

 Here's a little tip girl - use in thin layers, building coverage as you go. Cream remover tends to go 'bitty' once lash extensions are removed. Although this doesn't always happen if it does I recommend giving your client a lash bath using my FLUFF REHAB lash shampoo.
Avoid getting the cream remover into contact with skin or eyes. This product is for professional use only.
Storage: keep in a cool, dry place and always ensure lid is screwed on tightly.



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