Become A Brand Ambassador


The Lash Plug London is always on the lookout for potential 



We are looking to collaborate with passionate & talented lash artists globally


If you have established an online presence via instagram and make it your mission to educate & supply luxury lash products we would LOVE for you to become a brand ambassador


To qualify you must;

  • Be passionate about eyelash extensions

  • Have consistent & clean work

  • Maintain exceptional lash practices

  • Maintain a professional image and reputation both online & in person
  • To post lash related material on at least a weekly basis on your Instagram
  • account using the hashtags #TheLashPlugLondon & #TLPAmbassador
  • To exclusively represent The Lash Plug London and not be connected to another lash brand or post about any other lash brands on your social media account. (You can use other lash brands but will not be able to post about them).
  • Have good engagement on instagram. The amount of followers does not matter as long as you regularly engage with your audience


As a Lash Plug London brand ambassador you will receive benefits such as 
  • Your own personal 20% off code to use on The Lash Plug website for your own personal use
  • A  unique 10% off code to promote for your followers to use
  • Exclusive PR packages on birthdays & christmas
  • Be featured on The Lash Plug London website
  • Have your work showcased on The Lash Plug London instagram
  • Be the first to test new products and submit feedback
  • A monthly income based on commission from the net sales you generate through your unique 10% discount code


Net Sale Amount Generated Commission Rate 
Up to £2500 10%
£2500-£4000 15%
£4000 + 20%


Please note brand ambassador applications are always reviewed on a monthly basis. Not everybody will be successful as there will always be a limited number of openings available. You can apply again if not successful.

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